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Chair Covers

There are many options when it comes to chair coverings; 

The chair covers themselves come in a  multitude of colours however maybe you want that classic white with a flowing organza sash or maybe the chairs at your event are decorative enough and you just need hood with decorative clasp. Whatever your needs, we are here to make your dream come true. 

To keep thing simple we have one round price for chair cover decoration, this price stays the same weather you have chaircovers and sashes, hoods, bows, or just plain chair covers & this price also includes the price of fitting.


Prices starts at just £2.50 per chair up to 50 chairs

then at £1.50 each thereafter.

This price includes a chair cover, a sash of your choice and fitting – more elaborate and decorative options can be arranged and a quote will be given for these during your free consultation.

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